connect-a-desk Now you can have the freedom to be mobile while using your laptop, tablet, or clipboard
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UK and International orders available at South Survey

UK and International orders available at South Survey

Works great with Ipads, Tablets, Netbooks, and even Clipboards.
No Risk - 100% Money Back Guarantee

- Connect-A-Desk works with any size laptop, netbook, tablet, or clipboard.

- Includes everything you need to use your laptop while walking or standing.

- Adjustable to fit any size person.

- Quick and easy to put on and take off.

- Fits into most computer bags.

- Adjustable safety strap to protect your laptop.

- Machine washable and detachable non-slip surface.

- Ergonomically designed for comfort.

- It's truly mobile and portable, no need for a laptop cart or stand.

- MSRP of only $39.95

- Taking notes with your laptop while having the ability to move around can
   be a great benefit to almost any laptop user.

- Connect-A-Desk makes any laptop truly mobile.

"...the Connect-A-Desk is a clever solution to the problem of how to use a laptop when there’s nowhere to sit....Your laptop then sits in an ideal position for typing and you can even walk around with it in place." -Julian Prokaza Mobile Computer

"After setting it up for the first time, I found it to be a remarkably comfortable
and usable system for computing on the go." -Christopher Null Yahoo! Tech

"What a great invention!, I do in home consultations which requires that I walk around taking detailed notes. This has made my life so much easier. It has literally cut my consult time in half. It is very comfortable." -KLR Amazon Review

"Works great I'm doing house to house sales and carry a clip board, door hangers and sales book. I can do this and have my hands free while moving from house to house. " -R. Boisvert Amazon Review

"Amazing!....100% recommended......." -Ebay Feedback
"Connect-A-Desk works Great may buy more Thanks!!!" -Ebay Feedback
"I use this about 90% in my job. Great Item." -Ebay Feedback

The Desk is made from 100% Recycled Plastic

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