connect-a-desk Now you can have the freedom to be mobile while using your laptop
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The Connect-A-Desk is a new patent pending product and the uses for it continue to expand every day. Below we have begun a list of the various occupations and types of businesses that Connect-A-Desk customers have used the Connect-A-Desk to improve their performance.
Land Surveyor

Inventory Site Surveys

Laptop GPS Systems


Data Centers

Inventory with usb barcode scanner


Insurance Adjusters

Real Estate Appraisers

Grocery Store Vendors

City Code Inspectors

Consumer Survey Interviewers




Retail sales floor

Use with webcam for real time streaming

Photo editing outdoors with photography

Waiting in line at the airport

Home Consultations

Roofing Contractors

Landscaping Estimates

Court Recorders

Portable Desk anywhere

Video Surveillance

Construction Surveys

GIS Departments

Note Taking

Mobile Skype & Video Conferencing

Department of Transportation

Radio Stations

United States Navy

Aircraft maintenance

Warehouse supervisors

Inspectors of all kinds

Price comparison shopping in stores

Construction foreman




Home Staging

Wireless Site Surveys

Retail Floor Sales

Auction Businesses


Interior Design

Call Center Supervisors

Laptop Connect Card on the go

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