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Actual Amazon Reviews:

"I was not expecting too much from the harness but was tired of trying to carry my laptop while doing wifi surveys. I have a 17" laptop and the ends of the laptop hung over the base of the harness, but once it was adjusted correctly it held the laptop. It did take some time to get used to the harness and not feel like the laptop was going to slip out. I have used it now for an hour at a time, many times now, and I never would have been able to do that holding the laptop in my hand."

"This is a very good tool to keep the laptop safe and secure whenever there isn't a stable or clean surface available."

"works fine, lasts long time. Recently surveying 400x100 meter indoor halls. This thing was a back and arm saver. Recomend."

"HUGE TIME SAVER! EZ to wear. We purchased these for property inspectors, saves a few minutes per house so at the end of each month the saved time really adds to productivity!"

"I am constantly going into homes with no power which means no heat. Trying to create a remodel scope of work with one hand holding the I pad and the other punching keys was not cutting it. This allowed me to keep at least one hand in my pocket with a hand warmer while I was busy typing with the other."

"What a great invention!, I do in home consultations which requires that I walk around taking detailed notes. This has made my life so much easier. It has literally cut my consult time in half. It is very comfortable." -KLR Amazon Review

"Works great I'm doing house to house sales and carry a clip board, door hangers and sales book. I can do this and have my hands free while moving from house to house. " -R. Boisvert Amazon Review

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