connect-a-desk Now you can have the freedom to be mobile while using your laptop
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"..we got great use out of a Connect-A-Desk: Mobile Laptop Harness & Desk that we got on Amazon. Another strange quirk about shooting in Times Square is that if you need anything to go on the ground, like light stand or a work surface, you need to pay an extraordinarily high permit fee. (We’re talking small car high) So, in order to stay mobile, our digital tech worked on this desk harness. It worked really well, all things considered." -Tim Llewellyn, Tim Llewellyn Photography

"The ultimate desk accessory, literally...The possibilities are endless. PC Pro has seen the future, and it costs $39.95...You'll all be rushing out to buy one, I assume?" -Mike Jennings, PC Pro

"After setting it up for the first time, I found it to be a remarkably comfortable and usable system for computing on the go." -Christopher Null Yahoo! Tech

"...the Connect-a-Desk may actually prove useful by allowing users to work while standing or walking. I know that something like this certainly would have come in handy during CES, instead of constantly fighting for seats in the press room." -SEAN FALLON, Gizmodo

"It's actually pretty cool, especially for live-bloggers, journalists, and other folks who want to be mobile while still pounding away at their keyboards." -Rick Broida

"Connect A Desk might make even the heaviest notebooks more mobile." -jk OnThe Run

"This could be very useful for stock taking and inventory work..." -Charlie Sorrel

"If you like to blog from anywhere you live or just work your charts for the office while you're waiting in line at Starbucks, then Connect-A-Desk is definitely a good solution for working on your notebook while standing or walking. If you want the perfect example of where you could use it what about Auto Shows or technology presentations where you're fighting for chairs to write your story on the go." -Alex Ion

".. I have definitely found myself in a fruitless search for someplace to set-up my laptop to show someone a video, or to make a quick video. Finding a flat, clean, safe surface can be a challenge in the field. Connect A Desk to the rescue."

"For light duty that requires walking around and typing on the go, it's a good solution." -Christopher Null Yahoo! Tech

"...the Connect-A-Desk is a clever solution to the problem of how to use a laptop when there’s nowhere to sit....Your laptop then sits in an ideal position for typing and you can even walk around with it in place." -Julian Prokaza Mobile Computer

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